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Inflatable Air Column bag  Coil  custom made

Customized Air Column Bag Wrap Roll

Specification of Product
Brand: Shiner Packaging                   Type: air column bag
Column number: customized               Material: PA/PE co-extrusion film
Size: customized                           Column width:3cm(before inflated)
Thickness: normal                         Bearing capacity: 200kg
Time of keeping inflating: 5 months

1. The on-line trading index of Shiner Packaging air column bag wrap roll in alibaba is the top in China.

2.Width can be customized about this specification of air column bag wrap roll. After inflated, the length of the column shrink about 5cm.

3.Full meter and enough material are been promised. Break into market by history and quality.

4.Easy to inflate, keep inflating in a long time, strong air tightness, shock resistance, good cushioning ability.

Product details

                                                     A few words 

Shenzhen, satisfied that the Packing Co., Ltd., is a focus, specializing in air column cushion packaging solutions for high-tech enterprises.
The production base is located in the planning of the atmosphere of the Shenzhen City Guangming District, now has a number of the most advanced high-speed air column bag production line, with a more powerful R & D, custom design and production delivery capacity.
We firmly adopt the top quality nylon / PE coextrusion material, air bag design style, production process, bagging process, quality inspection and other aspects of the pursuit of lean, firm to high quality, high-end line; adhere to talent strategy, cohesion The industry's top talent in the gift satisfied that the packaging, with a view to the general air column bag users with more professional, more efficient and more assured of products and services. High-quality enterprises satisfied with the first satisfied with the requirements: with high-quality customer respect, with high-quality casting satisfied gift packaging high-end brand.


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